image Something Very Special


have seen many strong men fall in front of me.
I have endured storms, violence, battles.
I have seen birth, death, crying, laughing.
I have been threatened one thousand times but death could not find me.
It is as if friends and enemies, love and lack of love, were looking for me; and then I realized how important is to contemplate and for this art I left  big conflicts and took big opportunities.
I may be unimportant for many but I am  edifying for others.

My message often overcomes the intelligence not by diminishing it but there is an attribute formed in my essence, which is some kind of knowledge and has to do with the art of enjoying life.

How beautiful are the seasons! How great is the sky and the ocean!
How wonderful was the day of yesterday, 
the day of today and will be the day of tomorrow !
I look at life from my door, I look at life from my window, I look at life from the beginning, I look at life from my destiny but I do it with a power that gives me control, that helps and gives me  great understanding; does not destroy me, does not inhibit me, does not age me, does not diminish me, on the contrary, it makes me grow in humility.

The fact is that I am a very special art and I will always be something to achieve for everybody.

Because I am: Patience.

-Oscar Basurto Carbonell


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