image The Spiritual Benefits of Service



Spirituality is mainly an unselfish condition that does not look for any kind of personal benefit, since helping is a total absolute, that is to say, to help is to help, no strings attached.

However, it is also true that as much as our heart is developed, compassion grows and matures and we slowly become more balanced and less improvised. 

Then, our personal consciousness concerning pain, suffering and need, reaches a solidarity level, which is really spiritual, by discovering the filial side of the human spirit and the grace and blessing of unselfish love, which is a heart full of peace and harmony and is the benefit that is reached without asking. 

It is a path of solidarity, surrender and fullness of heart, since giving or serving dignifies the spirit of love prepared for God on each action.

It is very true that the one who gives the most, receives the most.

Oscar Basurto Carbonell


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