A Letter of Love

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In good times, we noisily toast with champagne and music; while the letters of love are coming and going but in the difficult times, they all leave, nobody looks at you, nobody smiles and in their memories, you start fading just as the footprints by the shore of the sea.
The waves of events diminish your presence and you gradually become invisible.
The only letters that you receive are those that you don’t receive, such as farewell, silence and loneliness. 

It happens that life starts to wither and becomes as a stone by the side of the road that people push or kick and who knows where that stone will end?
But a letter arrived, a letter of Love that said:

“I love you with a Love that grows and that does not have limits, that embraces you, that kisses your forehead and wants to remind you that although times may be hard and difficult, I am with you, I don’t abandon you, I believe in you.
Don’t worry too much, keep on going, believe in Love.”

And the person, reading this short but profound letter, dried the tears and started reflecting about his life. How many things, he had gone through!
How many promises, how much music he stopped listening to, all his friends abandoned him, but who was the one signing this beautiful letter of hope, illusion, faith and Love?

He read again the letter and he understood that he would be successful that everything will change to good and progress, which he will not lose again.

This letter gave him hope and strength.
Although, he had experienced many problems and all had abandoned him, he would start all over again.

He, then read the ending of the letter, that said:

” I Love you, I Love you, I will never stop loving you.”

It was signed: ” Your Father, God.”
Author and Artist: Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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