Let’s all be Part of the Human Family

How beautiful is to see the birds flying, with their awesome colors and plumage. What a great harmony they display flying all together. They seem to know very well where they are headed, they probably have great resolution and determination, they’ll probably have a nice rest when they arrive to the place where they belong.
Every human, in the same way, must have a safe place and the birds teach us that after a great effort they’ll find their destiny
Every work is a bridge between lost in the blue sky, when -in truth, the idea is to touch the ground.
Let’s accomplish something definite, out of our ideals, because the philosophy is wonderful, extraordinary and sensible but it is far exceeded by the innocent smile of a child who has satiated his hunger and thirst, who is healthy, strong; who has a family who knows about giving him love and respect, because that child’s life will not be based only on dreams,but in the awakening of a beautiful reality filled with options and opportunities.
Le’s all be part of that child’s smile, let’s all be part of the human family, united in one heart and one wonderful reality.

-Art and Teachings to Nourish Your soul, based on the works of mystic author and artist
Oscar Basurto Carbonell


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