How to Overcome Fear

There is something very important to consider when studying the Spiritual Science, which is a sinister aspect, very important to overcome.

I am referring to a fear out of proportion.

When it breaks the limits and changes from its real sense to become a living nightmare, then it is pathological fear, which arises from a disease that continuously corrodes, weakens, confuses and obsess.

Fear, is like a type of sabotage of the most terrible power, since it subdues man, his will and takes him to the negation of himself.
To overcome this, is necessary to deepen in the spirituality and the real sense of being.

Fear has tentacles that manipulates the will and blocks the heart, the opinion, identity, self- love and love to others.

Fear is the foundation of chaos. It always comes with inertia and neglect. But, when we place our attention in the spiritual values of faith and prayer. Then, fear disappears because it is ignorance, lack of understanding about the superior power of the Love of God.

The spiritual strength is the cure of all fears and all traumas. The reason is, that spirituality is firm and has a feeling of solidarity with man. It never abandons him. It becomes a force that gives him, integrity and a powerful will.

Man is fearful, by example, of the unknown. Because he has not deepen in the superior love, and has not surrendered to God. But when this happens, then, man gets spiritually renovated by faith.

Then, all his fears are overcome, because the method of spiritual trust, gives a perdurable effect. Man, is no longer subject to doubts and conflicts but on the contrary, he imposes his vision, in front of any situation.

He is no longer deceived since he has transformed this great evil in a conscious study and now he can see beyond his limits.

Art and Teachings to Nourish Your Soul
by Oscar Basurto Carbonell



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