Concentration and Spiritual Intuition

Many times  people try to define something through the resulting effects. Then, following this orientation we will make the following observation :

Our world both internal and external is trustworthy, tangible and real, when it is perfectly defined, situated, centered, in the perfect perspective of  time in  the space.
In such a way that it exists in agreement with a universe that shares its presence and as such, each of the objects, subjects, feelings, ideas and actions have developed in base of an absolutely clear, accurate and properly defined intention.

It is only in this way  that what exists is trustworthy and truthful.

If we apply this to the term concentration, then we conclude that the attention of the will sustained on a subject, which looks for the experience and the practice as execution of the same, is called concentration.

If we apply this to the spiritual model, we will understand that concentration is the absorption of our intelligence and potency of being, by virtue of the vision of a conscious, organized and diligent mind, with the only and firm purpose that involves whatever the matter may be.

And in spirituality properly said, this concentration is analysis, inference, deduction, intuition and thoughts united to the imagination, which tunes all this information with the purpose of knowing, discovering, acting in accordance with what is determined.

To be concentrated means to be attentive, vigilant and participating. Open to ideas,  experiences, sensations with an interactive universe. Not leaving space for distraction and neglect.

Concentration can be compared to a straight path towards the goal, not stopping and not moving in another direction but searching for a conclusion or conclusions in order to be able to enjoy the final reason, which is the spiritual intuition.

Concentration is an elaborated process. There are stages where the concentration sharpens and the information is chosen in a conscious discriminated way while in the search for the purest analysis.

We concentrate to learn, to understand and finally to perform, to unite the concentration to what is concentrated, with the only purpose of knowing Truth.

Art and Teachings to Nourish Your Soul
by mystic author/artist Oscar Basurto Carbonell



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