The Gift of Love

There is fragrance of roses, jasmines and violets in the air. The wind is charged with a sweet temptation which is more than fascination. There is also a diaphanous clarity in the atmosphere, which resembles the twilight of the afternoon and the luminous magic of the play of light and shadow seen at daybreak. There is a hidden flavor and is not because it hides but because this is a treasure that few know how to recognize, for its exquisite sensibility. And is brought about  when it is known that there is a truth that overcomes all and each one of the experiences. And which forever is the force of science itself.

Always vast as an inexhaustible sea would be and only compared with the infinity of the sky. It tells us how precious and exquisite is the only wonder, who makes great marvels as turning war into peace, darkness into light and also makes men to grow in all the magnitude of their values and in the depth and complexity of their own lives. Because, is capable of touching and renewing, of virtually calling and transferring them through time and space through reality and dreams. It always is light of victory and also is larger than nobility since is the flower of flowers, the light of lights. Because allows blind people to see, dumb people to talk, and even if we had no bodies or minds, we could feel and think if we only had the grace of His presence.

Oh exquisite consciousness of the eternal Creator Himself !
When it reaches man, takes him above what’s material. It is life of life because with this power, even death would be a pleasure. It is greater than what’s great and happiest than music. More descriptive than painting, more dynamic than dancing and wiser than all knowledge. It illuminates the sun and the moon, the minds and hearts of every being, man, woman, child.

Even the species, of every history, of every place. Because is as perfume that adorns, caress, that fills with life the whole presence, be divine or human. And thus, the key of destiny is the own destiny of every being.

It is the enamored heart, the genuine principle in the heart who has awakened to the grace of giving and to the full joy of receiving.

Art and Teachings to Nourish the Soul
by Mystic Author/Artist, Oscar Basurto Carbonell



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