Spiritual Awakening: Truth may be Invisible

Truth may be invisible to the human eye since it is not seen with a regular glance but for the spiritual eye; the great differences are not differences but the play of equilibrium, the perfect balance, the sacred dance of life.

I can see a mountain in a grain of sand.
I can also see rivers and seas in a drop of water. And the vastness of the universe in the blue sky, with so many stars that I can’t even count them.

It all may seem different to what in reality and in truth is.

The perspectives are changed in the distances. What is big may look small and the small may seem big.

But what is certain is that a child at birth is not big but the whole history of humanity is supported in him. All the times are fused as one in him.

The child is the old man and the old man is the child. And all the eyes -even the ones that have not seen the light and been born- are in his eyes.

Who is small, who is big ?

Since it truly is not the size or the distance. But our actions, which make us the same. Good or evil.

Art and Teachings to Nourish the Soul
By mystic author/artist, Oscar Basurto Carbonell


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