Tolerance and Love

Some persons think, that happiness is found in tolerance. And this is  important, but is only the first part.  Since, is like saying :  I have two eyes on my face, one to see the good, and the other the bad. I have two hands, with one I try to do good, and with the other, to do bad. I have two feet, one of them takes me to the right path and the other  to the wrong path.

But I only have one heart and I can’t divide or separate it, and in truth, I don’t know which way to go.  

Tolerance, by itself, is blind and deaf, like a night without stars or a withered flower condemned to die. 

True tolerance is effective when is joined to Love, then, it does not tolerate, out of tolerance, but out of  Love. And Love is never passive but active and always  in search of good.

Then, tolerance and Love form an alliance, maintain a methodology and always bring Peace. 

Tolerance alone, is a plastic and cold smile but with Love is fraternity, friendship, comradeship,  justice, peace and victory.

Art and Teachings to Nourish the Soul
by mystic author/artist, Oscar Basurto Carbonell



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