The Art of Loving: Compassion

Your eyes have always been filled with dreams and illusions. Is it possible that today, they look sad, desolated, filled with anguish of death? Your pain is mine. How not to feel what you feel, how not to experience what you are going through?

Even though, we are different consciousness, the spiritual reason is the same. There is no real distance between you and me, only the skin separate us, but in truth, we both are spirits without form or condition, filled with Love, who does not stop and is more than science, since is the Art of loving without limits or conditions.

I walk with your steps and I die in your path. We are as the water and the wave.

How to tell us apart ?
You are the eyes and I am the tears. You are the laugh and I am the lips. You are time and I am your present.

If your hand is wounded, I bleed. If your heart stops beating, I die. If you live, I am happy for you and for me. There is no distinction,  we are as the flower and the aroma.

How to set us aside ? I love you because you are Love.

Compassion is an eternal and plentiful river and if I am as its water, you are as its rumor.  I will not leave you and not because of position or control but because of infinite tenderness, that revives each new day and keeps on growing in a vast universe.

There is no larger or higher power than this, even God Himself is eternal and pure compassion.

-Art and Teachings to nourish the Soul
by mystic Author/Artist, Oscar Basurto Carbonell


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