Alchemy: Mysteries


There are mysteries between heaven and earth , which are only revealed to the one who has a pure heart. Hidden secrets, reserved to the one who can see without the limits of the egoism. These secrets are able to heal or kill. For this reason, not everyone can see them, although they are always in front of  their eyes. Truth does not hide. It is man who hides from Truth. Nothing is denied to us. Nevertheless, there is a long way to cover before being able to find the essence of Knowledge.

Alchemy is not a pseudo conscience, a chimera, a fantasy; is not an hallucinated dream. And much less is madness.  On the contrary, it is the pure knowledge which at its absolute moment of revelation, teaches to the understanding of man, all the sciences and that the whole universe is only one.
Everything is integrated: being and not being, life and death, finite and the infinite, abstract and concrete, dense with the subtle things.

All is truly integrated in that way. And life which is also death and rebirth is alchemy. Nothing is separated, the distances are appearances.  What is hidden is manifested, what is hidden is revealed. The wisdom as sand of the sea is bountiful and infinite. Nothing is far from Truth.

Truth is deep and superficial, sensitive and delicate but direct and radical. Truth is a law. Truth is an order that neither changes nor moves. It is always the same. But is not seen although is seen. It is not heard although is heard. The music does not exist for the deaf.

Nevertheless, although reality is denied, it steadies itself since the man who has a worthy consciousness will be able to be humble and he will observe and reflect and the revelation will come  to him.

 Alchemy not only explains the reason of the things but also explains the things per se, its power, capacity, permanence, stability, potency and all about itself and about everything else.  Because in a raindrop is found the ocean. In a tear is found the sum of all the feelings. And in the breath is found being born and dying. 
Alchemy is even more than science, it is consciousness, life and reality.

Art and Teachings by mystic author/artist,
Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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