The Universal Law of Karma


There are secrets, laws, mysteries, doctrines, philosophies, of this and other worlds, and there are, many opinions also. Some, might seem to be  absolutely true, but looked through a deep spirituality, they simply are opinions.

This teaching has the purpose of advising the need of been careful in the process of study and the proportion of the themes called : Spiritual, mystic, and esoteric.

And why is this? Because, much is said, but, truly, little is known. There are some, who present their expositions in a brilliant manner, but they truly lack sincerity in the understanding of the subject. By example : Something, which has been talked about constantly. 

Is Karma, reward or punishment?

It is usually said : ” I am paying ” even more, it is associated with suffering, as if it was a terrible, evident, punishment, and that is far from the truth. Karma is not punishment, Karma can’t be paid. The universe is not a system that negotiates with joy, happiness or sorrow.

Nothing of that is true. There is not a God who demands to be paid with our blood or the blood of our loved ones. God is Love, Mercy,  Compassion, Forgiveness.

Karma is deeply the consequences of our actions. And the need of overcoming, transcending, of improving them, is logical. It does not mean to have successive pains or sickness, in order to pay with sacrifice the action of a previous wrong conduct. But rather and for this reason, man has the capacity of reflection and decision and he can see in his heart if he loves or is captivated. But he can never reclaim Karma, as the payment that the universe is charging him, in order to improve.

Since, if it was like this, a life of suffering and pain, would be an inexhaustible article, since the human being gets mixed up, more than once, or either, Karma, would be a solution, if we assume that  it was like that. But it is not since Karma’s plan for man, is the  search for an awakening, to learn to overcome mistakes and overcome the pain caused  to himself and others. But with the power of an inner call, of a convocation, of every effort and reason. So he can discover his mistakes, with  analysis and in the inner conviction, born from the voice of the soul, who reclaims in us, the true need of reaching love and peace.

The one who does not plant peace, will not have it and will clamor trying to find it, but this clamor is neither a wound, nor a loss as such, but the love of God, inviting us to decipher and to know Him in meditation, in reflection,  prayer, service and in everything to come closer and recognize that we were wrong about Truth, Peace, and Love. And without them, we will not  have true happiness.

Then, Karma acts as motivation, as  hunger for Truth, as search for the study that allows to reflect and recognize our mistakes and then, we will be reborn in the innocence of the true spiritual peace.

-Art and Teachings by Oscar Basurto Carbonell


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