The Need for Compassion


There are days darker than night and there are nights like never ending darkness. For this reason, we have to realize the need of solidarity towards everyone. But there is something important to consider, something that perhaps could be confused: Compassion is never pity.

Compassion is a commitment of solidarity, fraternal understanding and unconditional Love. For example, a very dear person is hungry, thirsty, cold and you try to help, to attend  to cooperate as a father to son , as a brother to another brother, as if he was somebody very close and it turns out that this somebody is the whole humanity. It is not only one person, but all the persons.

Therefore, Compassion does not have to do  with the expressions of “poor little one” or “what an unlucky person.”

Compassion is to share with happiness, compassion is to teach,  is to take care,  is to preserve and is to improve.

But if my actions and service are based on  pity or sorrow, then we would have to call  pitiful love to love and  is not like that.

We love, cooperate and do it because we are happy to give Love. And this makes us attentive, alert, vigilant and cautious.

We will find in the category of compassion, the purest virtue, the united solidarity, while discrimination, selfishness and preferences stay behind.

What is important here is that respect, opportunity and service are good and committed to give the best. |

What is the compensation ? The happiness of seeing a heart, a society, a universe. But  compassion goes beyond because constant compassion strengthens,  fills, purifies us and truly shows the way of Love to our fellow beings and of course is the path to receive the grace of God.

Nothing can be accomplished, without compassion. It is synonymous of progress, balance, maturity, even of identity in compassion. And life deserves that we give everything for compassion because there, we discover the whole, that is to say, truth and compassion are not only limited to man but they join us to the whole nature.

Compassion is the respect towards  plants, animals, culture, the sensibility towards others which can be unknown to us, but which makes us know that everything contributes to a collective , integral good.

How not to feel this commitment every day ?

This, even guide us because how not to cry with the one who cries? how not to laugh with the one who laughs ? How not to give our food and to share with the one in need whoever and wherever be ?

Don’t we all share the same house, the same home which are earth and life ?
Compassion becomes stronger, rises and stands up as a titan opposed to any injustice. And also compassion is humble, magnificent and generous.

What would happen to life without  compassion ?

In synthesis, Compassion is the practical, purest and most sacred  science of  Love.

Art and Teachings to Nourish the Soul
by mystic author/artist, Oscar Basurto Carbonell


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