The Angel’s Advice


A very confused man was traveling along the path. He did not know what direction to take. And since he was in a hurry,  he decided to ask for the assistance of angels and soon after, two angels appeared.  

Nevertheless, one was an angel of light and the other of darkness; the man did not know how to distinguish, how to differentiate them and whom was the right one to follow since somehow, they resemble each other but at the same time, they were very different.

As the time passed, the man was more confused. Then, addressing the angels,
he said :

– I am going to ask you a question before  following your instructions. But, first of all, I would like to thank you for answering my call. Now, please tell me what is the best way to follow, in order to find my home.

One of the angels with an imposing and distinguished appearance said :

-You probably want to go to a place of progress, prosperity and development. Where you can achieve all your goals and even become a very powerful king, where many people will need of your presence and favors. And to whom you can give orders. I can take you to that place.

-That is most interesting but  I want to listen to the other angel before making my decision, the man said.

The other angel also had a very distinguished appearance but seemed melancholic, as with a distant sadness. And he said to the man :

– I know of a place where you can go. It is a little cold and strenuous and already has a king. Life there becomes a daily effort and the work is constant. Its inhabitants have a strong temperament and they are not too friendly. But with due effort you can manage to advance.  You decide what path you wish to follow. What is your decision after listening to both of us ?

 – That is most interesting, the man said, while thinking: “Well, the first angel promises glory, power, recognition and wealth. The second angel promises effort, work and besides he is kind of melancholic and there is something strange in him. I think that I know who is the angel of light and who is the angel of darkness.”

 And the story goes that the man thanked both angels and that in time, it was known that the man ruled over many persons.  He thought that the first angel who spoke to him,  was the angel of light but he was wrong. Besides, he did not want to make the effort, to work hard and with dedication. He was crowned as king and he was very egoistic, ambitious and pedantic.

And at the time of his death, both angels appeared to him.  And he cried out :

– I now know that I was wrong and I allowed the angel of darkness to lead me.  I thought that the easy glory and power were the best solution.  I was afraid of the effort, of the work, discipline and sacrifice involved. And now, in spite of having a great fortune and people who I command, I feel very lonely. And these last days of my life, have been most unfortunate . And for that reason, I now know that the first angel seduced me.

But, angel of light, I would like to ask you a question : Why, when you first came to see me, you had such a  melancholic face ?

 The angel of light answered very softly :
-It is true what you just said. I will explain why : I knew beforehand that you as a man, would choose the easiest way since it seemed very tempting, to accomplish everything without any effort and sacrifice. It is easier to choose shining gold and wealth and to deny what is obtained only with dedication.  I knew from the beginning about your intentions and the reason that you called us, was for your own benefit and to exalt your ambition. But now you know, that sometimes the light looks as darkness  and darkness may look as light.

Art and Teachings to Nourish Your Soul
Oscar Basurto Carbonell



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