How to Overcome Pessimism


This subject has multiple characteristics, such as: The syndrome of catastrophe, of penury, lamentation, hopelessness, disappointment, bitterness, frustration, loneliness, and abandonment. These, altogether, disqualify the person to transmit enthusiasm or joy.

Pessimism, is the fatalistic condition of denying every option of good, success or achievement. It is even more lethal because infects, alters and disturbs.

It is based on insecurity, in frustration, abandonment and for sure, in the lack of attention and affection.

We are not born pessimistic, unfortunately, we are trained in this fact. What is more terrible is that pessimism is instilled in us, for many reasons, in which we can find: mistreat, abandonment, violence, cruelty.

Then, a series of deficiencies are accumulated. The person who is pessimistic is showing his pain, his lack of security, his confusion about values. He is also saying that he lacks faith.

Pessimism must be eradicated and not even a vestige or shadow must be left.

Because life, in spite of its difficulties, always has the wonderful opportunity of realizing the highest and purest Love, which is the Love of God.

It is necessary to teach the doctrine  of Peace and Love, as an integral culture of service to  man. This must be taught even before his birth and on each stage of life, must be reinforced the principle of spirituality, which is confidence, fullness of virtues and values, being these, the instruments for a real and true life.

Man, does not have to be boastful. He must be an individual capable of facing the limitations that may arise. But with the torch of victory, of effort and dedicated study. Where the will is to the service of a pure and true reason, which is a shared in common good. And results in a world of peace and in a just life, lived in fullness of Love.

Art and Teachings to Nourish Your Soul
Oscar Basurto Carbonell



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