Can Destiny be Changed ?


The word, ” Destiny ” may indicate something inevitable, in such a way, that always is a conceptual contradiction.  Since, when we refer to the term destiny, if we can change it, then, is no longer destiny.

Let’s bring some light to the subject. And of course, destiny has to be related to God. We can say with certainty that God knows all the destinies. But also is fair to say that He does not make the destinies. Man makes his destiny with his conduct, with his consciousness, and God knows this.

What I mean, is that man makes his destiny and his path, one way or the other and then he reaches his goal. But every instant is a reality, that man develops and of course, God knows and intervenes, if man is willing to follow his laws and ordinances. God wants the destiny of man to be of Peace and Love.

But man, may or may not take that path. God knows everything but He is not the cause of the destiny of man. Sometimes, man resents God, for events that he wishes he had not gone through. And many persons say to come near, or get away from God, when things go well or things go wrong in life. But, our answer is in our own conduct.

If our faith is alive and real, proved and practical, then Divine Love intervenes in an extraordinary way. There are events that we don’t understand why they happen. Sometimes, pain and suffering are inevitable, but there is something important that comes after : God always is our strength and integrity in life. God is the real destiny, everything else only confuses the goal.

To conclude : Man can change his destiny, because there is a Divine Power who loves him sincerely and fully. And who only wants a superior good for man.  And He is God. 

Art and Inspirations to Nourish Your Soul
Oscar Basurto Carbonell


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