There are Many Kinds of Love, Which One is Yours?


There are so many different types of love; some are bitter, others are sweet, bittersweet, mean, generous, possessive, controlling, capricious, calculating. Many kinds of love, but in truth, there are not that many, since there are many forgers.

Then, how to find true Love if all those seemed to be true and even wanted to be sincere. We must learn to differentiate and is necessary to understand that there is only one true love: the one that is sincere, firm in sadness and happiness, the one that asks you to be the light of the day and when the night comes, he wants you to be the brightest star illuminating the path even in the worse darkness.

Love is trusting, he offers company, he breaths your breath, and in him you don’t find any difference but closeness. Love is tender, vast, generous, he is spontaneous and affectionate. Love is understanding and is committed.

Love is present, constant and renovating. Love always loves you. There are many kinds of love that are not love, but now you will understand and will appreciate Love.

-Oscar Basurto Carbonell


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