I will Never Stop Loving

My soul found strange paths, where I faced a forest of thistle and thorns. My feet, hands and face are bleeding. I clamored with anguish, for help and consolation, but I was thrown stones, rubbish and they took me for a madman, for a thief and a fool.

In my confusion, I went into more darkness and I lost guidance in the path. The love that once smiled, now shouted with disdain, saying that it hates me and feels repulsion. My soul was insulted, did not want to answer, and as withered lily, tried to find a place to die, but in the deepest part of my soul, a voice denied the rejection and wanted me to recognize that although the darkness may be absolute and profound, the sun will shine again.

The cold may be very intense, may dry and open my skin, but my blood is warm. Love may reject, hate me, but my love will not answer the same way because I believe in a greatest Truth, larger than suffering, anguish, pain, misery and abandonment. I believe in a greater power. I truly believe in Love and my wounds will heal and the wind will pass and the shadows of the night, will dissipate. My steps will find a true beginning with beautiful flowers, crystal lagoons, where to clean my wounds.

My face does not need to be confused with rejection, my tongue does not need to dry and my soul does not need to die, because I believe in a superior power, called Love.

will defeat hatred, I will defeat the evil that was threatening and confusing me. And that withered lily, will live again and as resplendent torch, my heart, in spite of everything, will never cease to Love.


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