The Eternal Youth


The mind is the bridge between matter and spirit.

Matter, because of its characteristics, is mutable, variable, changing , perishable and subject to laws, characteristics, conditions, qualities or defects.

The spirit is immortal, stable in an absolute way; does not change, does not transform. And maintains the harmony with its supernatural state forever.

The mind enjoys or suffers these characteristics and is contained within the limits of the body, when it thinks, feels and performs.

And in the region of the spirit when it prays, meditates, contemplates and Loves.

To find balance is to be renewed, to constantly been born of the matter and to receive the grace of the spirit as stream of unlimited life.

In order to reach this perfection is only needed to enter the heart, which is the region of intention while the thought is the product of the mind. 

There is only one definition of life, which is, that is always united with the values of the spirit, such as :  Forgiveness, charity, humility, compassion, service, among others.

When the individual has decided to live in grace, that is to say, in the Universal Love, then, death does not have power over him.

His source of life is not found in the human psychology any longer but in the great eternal expansion of spirituality per se.

When this becomes a permanent state, then, man is in perfect harmony with the universe and the rules of life and death are under his feet, not because he is God, but because he lives  from God.

The spiritual immortality and the eternal youth are not untrue. They are the result of the communion between spiritual Love, the harmony of the consciousness and the purity of the heart.

-Art and Teachings to Nourish Your Soul
by Oscar Basurto Carbonell


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