It is Your Decision

There is no hope for the one who loses trust.
There is no light for the one who does not believe in a tomorrow.
There is no love for the one who does not open his heart.
There is no peace for the one who looks for war.
There is no life for the one who procures death.
There is no respect for the one who offends.
There is no success for the lazy.
There is no path for the one who does not walk.
There is no home for the unfaithful.
There is no God for the atheist.
There is no wealth for the mean.
There is no justice for the thief.
There is no beauty for the faultfinder.
There is no sweetness for bitterness.
There is no truth for the liar.
There is no brightness for darkness.
There is no embrace for coldness.
There is no forgiveness for hatred.
There is no union for the troublesome.
There is no victory for the irresponsible.
There is no depth for the superficial.
There is no miracle if there is no faith.
And so much more and so much less.
It is your decision, at least, make the effort.
Of being and of making a happy moment.
-Art and Teachings to Nourish Your Soul, based on the works of Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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