When Your Heart has been Hurt


When shadows appear in life, man’s reaction is to walk cautiously.  He can’t see further on. He feels insecure and desolated and many times, loses the capacity to discern and to understand. 

This happens when his heart has been badly wounded.  And he experiences sorrow , sadness , melancholy and confusion.  The inner strength weakens. 

When facing this situation, we have to realize that the spiritual study neutralizes that evil.  In order to maintain the cultivation of truth, is necessary to have intimacy with Love and Truth.

 In other words : Prayer is not only necessary but is the right method of awakening the consciousness and this is the way how we can be strengthened. 

Then, an optimized mind will appear, supported in faith. And we will be able to walk with a light of hope and to have a superior motivation. Since we will find that the Love of God strengthens us from moment to moment.

The same peace that comes from prayer will give us the happiness of life and the wish to engage and work for the promotion of Good and Peace in the everlasting love of the True God, the God of humility, the God of conciliation, of forgiveness and of Love Himself .

Art and Teachings to Nourish Your Soul
Oscar Basurto Carbonell


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