The Victory of Kindness


We find Envy contemplating the light, while thinking: “I am better, more brilliant, with more brightness,  Darkness is what dominates since it is a superior light.”

And a compassionate Kindness approached and said: ” You do have light but it is neither of shadows nor of darkness, look inside you. 

-Envy said: ” You speak to me in riddles, wanting to confuse me since you only want to refer to that light that you called inner light. I will tell you that I only know the shadows as brightness.”

-Kindness replied with sublime compassion: ” My words are said not to confuse you but to make you  understand. I want you to see the reality for a moment. Nobody wants to afflict you. On the contrary, we want you to see the true light.”  ” Look inside you, then.”

 -Envy replied: ” I only see horror inside. The horror of seeing you walking high, so high that I cannot reach you; and this is the reason that I do not want to look at you.”

Kindness said again: ” Try just for a moment. Put aside every concept and idea. Just look inside you and do not judge, do not criticize. And a flower will be born there which is the true light. I do not want to contend with anybody, but rather to share something more than the wisdom, the essence of Love.”

Therefore, Envy, like trying to show off, looked inside and was instantly transformed, because Kindness won her heart and transformed her into the Inner Soul.

-Art and Teachings to Nourish the Soul
Oscar Basurto Carbonell


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