Awareness. A Healing Environment


This message goes to every man and every woman, to every living being on the face of the earth : Heaven is a wonderful and desirable place, where we will arrive sometime, somehow.  Let’s reflect about our sea, so vast and deep, about our blue sky, covering us with the most exquisite and sensible mantle of light, from morning to night, evoking eternity, because it is guidance in the darkness.

About the deep fields, offering everything needed to sustain life, to recreate existence. About the mountains, some are so high, that seem to touch the sky.

About the wonderful abundance of exquisite and sensible beings, of multiple forms, colors  as to let us know that we live surrounded by the presence of life itself.

There is so much to say about our world and then , we should ask ourselves:

How to take care of this ?

Life is not by chance but it is the support of a perfect order, of a noble, just and right balance. We have to learn to Love, with the total commitment of knowing, how to take good care of earth, maybe we will never be able to touch a star, as is logical to think, but if we can look at life realizing that its charm is for everyone and that what we do about her, will bring back consequences, since,  to do good is the only thing that brings good back.

Every small grain of sand, every seed, will become a mountain, a flower, a luxuriant tree .  Some, we will use as dwelling, some for food, they all constitute the basic nourishment for us, to be, to live.

The earth is a perfect sphere but only through Love, we will lay the foundation of its essence and the substance of our life, since finally this is and will be, the only reality.

-Oscar Basurto Carbonell


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