Amazing Angel Story

Listen to the story that I heard :

Some young gang members -thugs, approached an old man, and started beating him mercilessly in order to rob him.

People passing did not intervene, fearing that they also would be attacked and they just looked horrified. But something unusual happened, that elder received kicking, slapping and insults, but stayed unperturbed, apparently he was receiving many blows, maybe to the point of killing him.

Then, suddenly at the call of the leader, these thugs fled dividing the booty, which they enjoyed visiting different bars. Then they went to their homes very late.

And the next morning, none of them were alive, they were still in their beds, but they were full of blows that seemed the reason they had died.

Then, the story goes that the same morning, the old man who had been mistreated the day before, was found immutable as he was the day before and he appeared to have no blows or even a wound.

And this seemed like a mystery, until the day that this mystery was revealed:

From time to time an angel would descend who had the virtue of being as a mirror:

Whatever you gave him, the same you would receive.

This was the Angel of Love and those who gave him affection, would receive affection and those who infringed him pain, would receive that same pain.

The mystery of the death of those gangsters and criminals is revealed here. They only received what they planted.

If we sow Love, we will receive Love. If we sow deception and betrayal, there will be nothing else for you but suffering and pain.


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