About Happiness (9)

Author, Oscar Basurto Carbonell, will present One Hundred Writings on this topic, for the purpose of offering a better understanding of the meaning of Happiness.

Writing 9

Who would not want to experience Happiness, at least some ?

Since life is so exposed and frail, suffering is implicit to the conscience -and to our biology is disease as well as limitation of innumerable conditions brought every day,along with ailments, produced by time, excessive effort, irregular diet, in short, a long list of opposing conditions towards Happiness.

We can be Happy in spite of all these.
Is this an illusion or rather a fleeting satisfaction or something lasting?
Is Happiness an idea, a concept, a religious philosophy?

What is Happiness but an integral living experience, that overcomes, transforms and renews everything.
Happiness comes with Joy and also with total and constant Serenity
That is the reason that Happiness is transcendental, it is not fleeting nor circumstantial.
It is known and reached in such a way that it will not go away as an illusion but is capable of confrontation.
All this must be clarified: Happiness will face anguish, sadness, neglect, mortification, sacrifice, pain.
How is this possible? Because Happiness means not to be dependent neither on circumstances nor events.
It cannot be conditioned. It is free even from itself.
We should not become fanatics nor obsessive about Happiness, but we should live it without restriction.

How to understand, reach, realize, discover Happiness?
The intrinsic meaning of Life implies to reach Happiness, so it should not be conditioned to wealth, poverty, good or bad health. It should not be conditioned in any way.

To know Happiness with come from the Serenity of the Heart, joined to the contemplative mind.
In this consideration, Happiness is liberation, unselfishness, unconditional Love, which is the path where Happiness itself flows, it is to live in Peace,it is to be Happy.


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